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This book is referred to as "EH Motion Control"- – Bright Red, 380 pages. Now you can get the original book that started electrohydraulic motion control education and training. No other book gives you the methodology for the optimal design of electrohydraulic motion control. It’s all laid out for you. You will find all the background and root sources for correctly sizing components, designing control systems and closing the control loop and much, much more. Anyone interested in, or with a need to design Electrohydraulic Motion Control systems will find this book an absolute must, and an essential addition to their technical library.

380 Pages, Soft Bound -- ISBN 0970225954


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An Engineering Analysis of the Pulse Width Modulation Method of Controlling Output Pressure of a Hydraulic Power Unit - Click here for more information

This is a detailed engineering study of a pressure compensated system that uses a fixed displacement pump, but NO relief valves (it IS as efficient as a conventional pressure compensated pump).  You can read about the very complete test results, but more importantly, you can learn all that you need, to design and build your own low cost, but efficient constant pressure power units for both servo and conventional applications.  Goodbye, variable displacement pumps.

128 Pages, Soft Bound -- ISBN 097022591


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Designers Handbook for Electrohydraulic Servo and Proportional Systems - Click here for more detail

786 Pages, Soft Bound  --  The predecessor, the 3rd Edition Handbook, has become the industry’s bible for electrohydraulic design and control. This, the 4th Edition, has been expanded by more than half, based upon readers’ requests, and contains the latest electrohydraulic technology, and with it, considerable added value. Added to the 3rd Edition’s already voluminous mountain of pertinent information and methodologies is an expansion of basic hydraulic circuit analysis designed to keep the system designer out of trouble from too much plumbing pressure loss. And there is new emphasis on mobile systems, including mobile electrical system challenges and mobile electronics. Get this virtual industrial bible and get on board the fast-moving electrohydraulic juggernaut. It is your ticket to the future. Whether you are designing electrohydraulic components, designing electrohydraulic systems, or seeking certification in the exciting new field of electronic control of hydraulic machines, this book is a must for serious practitioners of the art.

ISBN 09702259-7-0


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Basic Electronics for Hydraulic Motion Control - Click here for more detail

Are you an experienced hydraulic system designer who is trying to understand the new electronic controls for pumps and valves?  Well, you are not alone, and that is the reason for this book.  You can learn all about electronics, but using your existing knowledge of hydraulics as the starting point.

438 Pages, Hard Bound  --  ISBN 0932905072



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Electrohydraulic Pressure Control - Click here for more detail

This is the first book to direct itself to the subject of pressure control and force control.  You can learn the reasons why electrohydraulic pressure control can sometimes be a real challenge and why it is sometimes done with ease.  One of the key issues is when to use integral control and when not to.  You will also learn how the non-linearities in the hydraulic system affect system performance, and what measures you can take to deal with them.  This is a must for anyone who wants to control pressure or force, with or without electronic programmability.

154 Pages, Soft Bound  --  ISBN 097022592X


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Lexicon -- Electrohydraulics and Motion Control Click here for more detail

Over 700 of the most important electronic, hydraulic and electrohydraulic terms, clearly defined and many are illustrated.  This Lexicon can be an educational tool by itself.  A great teacher once said that the key to understanding any subject is in knowing the terminology and definitions.

The great thing about this Lexicon is that it uses hydraulic analogies to explain the electronic terms, so you can draw upon your hydraulic knowledge to help you understand the electronic counterparts, and vice-versa.  If you have an electronic friend or colleague, give them a copy of the Lexicon, because it teaches hydraulics by using electronic analogies.  And if you are contemplating electrohydraulic certification, this Lexicon is a must.


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Electrohydraulic Crib Notes - Click here for more detail

12 Pages, 225 Equations, 56 Figures  --  The only complete desktop reference available for electrohydraulic control system design.  A GREAT GIFT IDEA FOR YOUR FAVORITE SERVO NERD!  Keep it handy all the time.


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SLIDES -- Introduction to Hydraulic Circuit Design Using Servo and Proportional Technology - Click here for more detail

69 Pages, Soft Bound  --  This is a bound copy of all the slides that the author uses to teach electrohydraulic servo and proportional control systems.  There are over 140 different figures that cover servo and proportional valves, circuit analysis, valve sizing, frequency response, servo system errors and more.  The visuals are on the left hand page with the right hand page blank, so that the students can jot down notes and not be encumbered with having to jot formulas or sketch figures.  Teachers and trainers can use this detailed and complete teaching aid.


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VCCM:  Computer Program for Electrohydraulic Motion Control Design

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All New Version 5.1 for the latest IBM PC Operating Systems.  Software for Proper Design and Sizing of servo and proportionally controlled circuits and systems.




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65 Pages, Soft Bound  --   Loaded with ideas and concepts for designing and building pumps for the 21st Century, including discussions on linking pumps with the factory, if not the whole world, through serial buses and the internet.

ISBN 0970225938


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