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$7.95 – Ask for the Crib Notes -- 1-877-432-7364 (toll-free)

Twelve of the most technologically intense pages in industry, the CRIB NOTES contain over 250 key formulas, figures and tables that are needed by the modern Electrohydraulic System Designer/Engineer.



Mechanical Systems


Basic Fluid Mechanics, Including Capacitance and Compressibility

Cylinders, Cylinder Ratio and Fluid Capacitance

Speed, Torque, Pressure and Flow for Rotating Machines

Valve Coefficients, Flow & Pressure Metering & Null Sensitivities

Valve Control of Cylinder Motion

Design and Sizing of the Hydromechanical System

Optimal Design

Servo Loop Closure, System Bandwidth, Accuracy & Damping Ratio

Second Order Responses, Transfer Function, Block Diagrams

Pressure Control Loops


This is a vital reference piece that can lie on your desk, ready for the right moment when you need just the right formula to solve those many intricate Electrohydraulic systems problems. No theories, no explanations, just oodles of important formulas that you can put to use in an instant.

These pages are the culmination of the author’s 30-plus years of designing and re-designing electronically controlled hydraulic machinery. There are also abbreviated tables of key material properties, because it is often necessary to calculate the weight of some obscure machine member that has to be accelerated. Other useful tables include units conversion and key dimensions for industrial cylinders.


This is a great gift idea for your favorite electrohydraulic servo jock.

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