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 VCCM  -- A Computer Program to Aid in Design and Analysis of Cylinder Circuits Using Servo Or Proportional Valve Control

-- ALL NEW Version 5.1 for PC Operating Systems --


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When You Use VCCM


VCCM is a unique computer-aided design program created specifically for the users and appliers of servo and proportional valve technology. This is the all-new, version 5.1, written specifically for the latest IBM PC Operating Systems.

To design a servo/proportional system, all you need to do is enter the load force that you need to move and the speed at which the load is to move, then enter one of three hydraulic parameters, and VCCM will create an optimal system for meeting the speed and force requirements. It will calculate all the system pressures and flows, power consumption, efficiency and more. A data base of valves allows you to "go shopping" for a valve that will meet your needs.

VCCM means "Valve Control of Cylinder Motion". Valves are needed for control of cylinders, because only valves have the characteristics and frequency response needed for today's demanding applications. Unfortunately, to perform their superior control, valve lands need to consume some pressure losses and power, so the calculations can be tedious if not daunting. VCCM changes all that, because with a click of the mouse and a couple of input values, you can explore new configurations and designs without having to wade through all those onerous calculator keystrokes and calculations. You can let VCCM do the hard stuff while you concentrate on the system and your design.  You can concentrate on getting the job done.

You can design for extending conditions, or for retracting conditions, as your needs dictate. And after you have designed the system and selected a real valve, you can quickly check how well it will meet the design requirements.  If the selected real valve does not meet the basic design requirements, no problem, just change a parameter, or get a better valve, and in a second or two, your new choices are evaluated for you.


And VCCM will handle single rod end OR double rod end cylinders.  No problem.  Also, the new breed of non-symmetrical proportional valves can be used in your designs, too.  Just select a valve ratio other than 1.0.  See immediately the benefits of non-symmetrical valves, especially in handling large over-running loads that tend to cause cavitation in the cylinder.  See what happens to the power consumption by the valve lands.  Each land is evaluated and the key values are printed right on the Analytical Schematic.

Output consists of Analytical Schematics of the system with all the pressures, flow, powers and other items evaluated in a clear, easy to understand format. No more guessing about arcane and mysterious quantities and terms. See directly on the on-screen schematic, the results of your design.

And what a learning tool! You will gain insights into your circuit designs with detail and understanding that previously might have required months or years of study. Now, VCCM will place the answers, quickly and effortlessly, right before your very eyes, with all the clarity of the very familiar and friendly Analytical Schematic.

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