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IDAS Engineering Inc. supports and maintains a complete electro hydraulic motion control laboratory that is capable of simulating a wide variety of motion scenarios, especially the difficult system.  The difficult system is one in which the conventional means of controlling fail to yield the degree of performance that is needed.  The most likely bottleneck in the control loop is a hydro mechanical resonant frequency that is so low as to prevent the smoothness, accuracy, reliability, speed, productivity and life expectancy that is needed in the application.  There are a number of ways of attacking these reluctant systems to improve their performance.  All of these challenges, and more can be simulated in the IDAS Engineering motion control lab, including the creation and implementations of special control algorithms, and the trial simulations of other possible methods of control.


Motion Control Lab

The IDAS Motion Control lab is fully equipped to conduct a variety of motion control, electronic and control system tests and laboratory simulations.  The standard system uses a general purpose digital computer for both control and data logging, instead of proprietary motion control cards or stand-alone controller.  The reason is basic:  The general purpose computer allows for greater flexibility in preparation of control algorithms, and it allows for very complete logging of dynamic performance data.

Pressures, speed, positions, temperatures and the like are instrumented and the data is measured and stored in the computer under dynamic motion and loading conditions.  The result is an incredibly detailed picture of the real system, which you can readily see under realistic loading and commanded motion.  The results are vital to you for making the engineering judgments necessary to achieve the most demanding performance requirements.

The aim is to be able to design and evaluate motion control systems that are faster, more accurate, more repeatable, meet the production goals and cycle rates, and yet result in machines that are smoother, quieter, stress-free, more reliable and longer lasting.  Modern motion control technology allows you to achieve higher productivity at the same time you achieve greater quality AND reliability.


Pressure Control Lab

IDAS Engineering also has complete facilities for conducting tests and simulations of pressure and force control systems.  These systems are of the type that are used to control pressure in the SAE and ISO procedures for dynamic pressure rating of hoses and pressure containing envelopes, in some press applications, and in power shift transmissions, for example.  In such systems, it is required to cycle the test pressure between specified limits in accordance with a specified dynamic pressure waveform.  Special rules have been developed to help the designer decide, for example, when integral control can be used and when it must be used, and when it cannot be used, and the consequences of selecting one configuration over another.


Video Taping and Editing Studios

IDAS Engineering also maintains a complete video taping and editing facility developed for the purposed of creating special purpose training videos.  Instead of being the conventional lecture-on-a-tape, IDAS videos feature some aspect of electro hydraulics from a lab perspective, and then the tape is used to supplement a lecture or seminar.  This ploy allows the critical points to be observed, but without the delays and fumbling that sometimes accompany students who are unfamiliar with laboratory equipment.  State-of-the-art hardware and software are implemented to both edit videos and create educational animations. Educational videos can combine both camera footage and animation clips.  Using IDAS Engineering’s unique export and import methods, the results of simulation and even real laboratory test data can be imported into the animation video.  The results are stunning because of the vivid images and the accuracy of the electrohydraulic dynamic responses.

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