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Design, redesign, design review and forensic analysis of electro-hydraulic motion-control systems, including servo mechanisms and other modes of feedback control.


Recommendations to clients as to the most effective means for performing a particular machine cycle or task, including feasibility and practicality.


Performing unbiased and nonproprietary “referee” services on competing designs and hardware.


Mathematical modeling and simulation of electrohydraulic and other types of hydraulic systems to assist the dynamic performance of systems.


Research for improving the state-of-the-art in the design requirements and applicability of motion control technology in US manufacturing, material handling and production machinery.


Publications regarding the non-proprietary findings of the research investigations, which focus on the isolation of the truly critical parameters that need to be considered at design time in order to adequately control the entire system.


Laboratory evaluation and simulation of difficult systems, plus evaluation and testing of the methods for controlling the difficult system in both hardware and software using both, or either, analog and digital techniques.


State-of-the-art educational programs such as local seminars and short courses as well as in-plant training programs.


Non-proprietary educational materials in the form of workbooks and videotapes.


Design and development of special purpose electronic controllers for the difficult system.



Development of special-purpose computerized design software, such as  VCCM and VCCMSIM.



Field studies on your special system.  The IDAS laboratory control computer and data acquisition system are transportable, and can be taken to your own installation for complete evaluation.  The data analysis results in getting the information needed to make intelligent decisions regarding what must be done to correct problems and improve performance.


All of the technology that has been collected and developed by IDAS Engineering Inc is carried into the seminar classroom.  The Basics of Servo and Proportional Hydraulics with Motion Control Applications is a two-day introduction to the pertinent technology.  It offers the fastest way to gain an overall introduction to the critical components and how they affect system performance.  The other end of the spectrum is a multi-week, intensive industrial training program, which teaches the student the design methodology of motion, pressure, and/or force control.  It is calculation intensive, with many example problems, case histories, and the procedures for designing and evaluating very sophisticated electro hydraulic control systems.

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