What is IDAS Technical Publications, LLC?

IDAS Technical Publications, LLC is a team of industrially and academically experienced engineers who are working to advance the state-of-the-art in hydraulic fluid power systems and especially in electrohydraulic control systems. We author, publish and sell books and other technical publications dealing with Electrohydraulics and Motion Control and related technical subjects provided we have the required experiences. The Team’s work includes research into practical analytical methods for estimating key parameters for many critical hydraulic components and their applications for closed loop feedback control systems and electrohydraulic motion control systems. Much of it is directed toward the advancement of international engineering standards, including ISO.

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IDAS Technical Publications, LLC publishes much of its findings that are not confidential or proprietary. They are writers, editors and publishers of technical materials and offer them for sale through this website and through its ebay publications store, which is linked to this web site.

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Occasionally, downloadable publications are made available to all who are interested. These downloadable publications are available to you at no cost for use in your own work and for teachers to use in their classes on fluid power.